Advice from Floralove Katz, Wedding Officiant; Counsellor


Dear Floralove, Can my Dog be in the Ceremony?

 What do you think we should do about my dog, Russel?  He is family to me.  I grew up with him.  He is more important to me than members of my human family and I want him in the wedding party.  Russel is fourteen years old and has difficulty walking but I want him at our wedding.  What should I do? 


Dear Russel-maniac

 First of all, you didn’t mention in your letter whether or not your partner feels the same way you do, about having Russel at the wedding.  If yes, then by all means, it is not that uncommon for our four-legged (and other) friends to play a role in the ceremony.  Some couples have their dog come in (on a leash) during the Processional, perhaps with the rings attached around their neck.  In one instance, the dog came running up to the couple at the front dragging a bridesmaid behind him (which is why the leash is pretty important).  Keep in mind though, that some of your guests may have allergies, so you might want to have Russel involved in the ceremony and photos, and then give him a chance to rest quietly afterwards. 


Dear Floralove, We are an interfaith couple, can you help?

 Can you help us? We are an interfaith couple and we want to include traditional-spiritual elements of both of our parents’ religions in our wedding ceremony.  We are both “lapsed” in that we don’t go to our respective churches.  But we want to please our parents.  NOL 

Dear NOL:

Of course. I would be delighted to offer many suggestions regarding traditional, spiritual, personally-meaningful dimensions. 

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