About Your Wedding

Initial Discussion

Initial Discussion

Initial Discussion


Following an initial discussion with the couple, I will draft a unique ceremony for you that may include,

  1. Greeting your guests; Words of Welcome;
  2. Explanation of traditional, religious, inter-faith elements of the ceremony;
  3. Celebration of Life;
  4. Appropriate readings;
  5. Blessings;
  6. Participation by family members, friends;
  7. Traditional or singular vows;
  8. Exchange of rings;
  9. Special thoughts for gay wedding couples; for theme weddings (such as Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Year’s, Winter Solstice); for “non-traditional” wedding couples;
  10. Thoughts about love, communications and good humour throughout marriage;
  11. Variations on the Unity Candle lighting;
  12. Signing the Marriage License, Record of Marriage, Marriage Register;
  13. Professional singing (Broadway, traditional or other songs during the Processional and Recessional; cantorial material including the Seven Blessings (Sheva Brachot);
  14. Other creative elements.

Planning Meeting

Initial Discussion

Initial Discussion


At our Planning Meeting, we may discuss 

  1. The ceremony I have drafted for you;
  2. Legal aspects of the wedding ceremony  (provincial requirements);
  3. Rental of a Chuppah (Jewish Wedding canopy);
  4. Purchase of an original or print Ketuba (artistic, heritage, Jewish wedding contract);
  5. Involvement of family or  friends in readings, Unity Candle ceremony, etc.;
  6. Bridal Party:  Processional / Recessional
  7. Music options / musicians


Initial Discussion



As a professional musician, visual artist, and Mediator, I can also offer advice regarding

  1. Musical repertoire; solo musicians;
  2. Photographers;
  3. Venues;
  4. Programs (content, layout);
  5. Other, sensitive (inter-personal) challenges.

Interfaith Weddings

Interfaith Weddings with Floralove Katz, Wedding Officiant


During our Planning Meeting and discussions, I learn about your backgrounds, about how you met, what you cherish about each other, about your religious and symbolic preferences.  In the ceremony, I incorporate explanations relative to the traditions, symbols, spiritual elements that are important to you, to your families and friends. 


As a professional singer, I can include the Cantorial Seven Blessings (Sheva Brachot), offer blessings over wine, bread, and in celebration of this wonderful moment in time, and Aaron’s Blessings for the closing benedictions.


I can offer meaningful readings from the Corinthians or other Bible passages, explanations about hand-fastening, broom-jumping, the Polish bread ceremony, about the tartans, the symbolism of breaking of glass, and the exchange of rings.


In the ceremony, I can include references to each heritage, to your shared values and goals.  I may include special readings, testimonies, or important historic developments that bring you together. 


We can involve members of your family in the lighting of the unity candle, presentation of flowers, mixing of the sands, or in special readings.


My goal is to draft your wedding ceremony, so that it is truly memorable, and personally meaningful for you, and for your loved ones.

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Floralove Katz, M.S.W., B.A., G.C.C.R.

Wedding Officiant

Band Leader, Ottawa Klezmer Band

Marriage Consultant

Mediator, Conflict Resolution

Fine Artist


Floralove Katz completed her Master of Social Work degree, Bachelor of Arts, and Graduate Certificate in Conflict Resolution at Carleton University.  She provides wedding advice, marriage and family counselling services, and conflict resolution.  She is a professional singer.





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